1st Kung Fu World Cup Championship Yeravan, Armenia 2019

The 1st World Kung Fu Cup Championship took place on June 8-9 in “Mika” sports complex, with the participation of the best athletes from 17 countries. During the tournament, the participants have been competed with in the following styles: Tiji (Kung Fu Fighting) Sua Jiao, Ui, Tu-show, Wing Chun. The Armenian team won 8 golden, 3 silver and 4 bronze medals and took the following places in the team standings: Sua Jiao – 1 place, Tigi (Kungfu fighting) – 2nd place and Tu-show – 2nd place. During the championship took place the title battles for winning the world championship belt. In the final fight of the 65 kg weight categories met Henrik Azatyan(champion of the world and Europe, champion of international championship “Mix fight 40”) from Armenia and Djeng Yonken (champion of the world and the champion of the international championship “Kunlun Fight” ) from China. During the hard and great fight the Armenian athlete won.

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Gepostet von Davit Atayan am Samstag, 8. Juni 2019

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